As a buyer of a fully automated refractory brick press, if you want to fully automate the production equipment line, you need to start from three aspects:

How to improve the full automation of refractory brick press

1.Plant planning

Buyers of fully automated refractory brick presses should hand over customized solutions to automation equipment vendors based on their own production capacity plans. According to the area of ​​the plant and the height of the plant to determine whether it is necessary to rebuild or expand the plant.

2. The buyer’s batching system automation of the refractory brick press

Due to the requirements of environmental protection and dust-free workshops, batching automation is the primary link for the fully automated transformation of refractory bricks. Buyers of refractory brick machines need to take into account planned production targets. Plan out the structure of the batching building, plan the location of the batching building, and the details of the batching capacity.

3. Automation of refractory brick press equipment

The transformation of double-disc friction presses to CNC automation is the first step in the automation of most refractory companies. Brick presses are the core equipment for refractory brick forming, which is related to the quality and output of refractory bricks. Due to high noise, low efficiency, and high labor intensity of workers, friction presses are the first molding equipment to be eliminated by the industry. In order to achieve seamless docking in the automation process, CNC transformation of the presses must also be carried out.

Other links:

Refractory brick machine fabric automation can realize intelligent weighing fabric and save one material weighing and fabric worker. Intelligent weighing cloth machine for refractory brick automation transformation, automatic brick picking, testing and palletizing, automatic brick picking: it can be designed to take bricks by robot or robot.

Automatic detection of refractory brick machine: connected with refractory brick machine and manipulator to form a set of automatic detection and palletizing system of refractory products.

Automatic palletizing: robot palletizing, high efficiency and accurate precision. (Can be customized according to product size, weight and production site)

Each enterprise’s automation transformation has its own capital plan. The fully automated refractory brick press must ensure the consistency of product quality and improve the quality of the brick shape. Only in this way can the competitiveness of the product be improved.

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